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Pregnancy in your 40s: What you should know about the trend

Log in Subscribe. Read the full article. There are three different types of JSA, which we describe below.


These rules apply to those living in England, Scotland or Wales — the eligibility rules are slightly different in Northern Ireland. Income-based JSA, is means tested. You only get income-based JSA if your income and savings are low enough. If you have a partner they must either not be working, or working fewer than 24 hours a week, and you must be working for 16 hours a week or less. Income-based JSA is very variable, depending on savings, housing costs and other circumstances.

It is calculated by comparing your income to an amount that the government considers enough to live on.

Contribution-based JSA, is not means tested, but is based on your Class 1 national insurance contributions. It is available for those who can apply for the new universal credit. Currently this applies to single people living anywhere in England Wales or Scotland, or a couple or family living in an area where universal credit has been introduced.

What discounts /reductions for 60+?

Although you can get new style JSA at the same time as universal credit, it will be deducted from your universal credit payment. Benefits you're entitled to: the overs. Rosie Murray-West. What to read next. Universal Credit claimants targeted by fraudsters with offers of free loans. It comes a week after Boris Johnson said he would look at the issue if he becomes Prime Minister.

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Metro Bank scraps 'no DSS' lending rules after pressure from government. Metro Bank is scrapping restrictions on landlords with buy-to-let mortgages from renting to tenants claiming benefits after…. TV licence for overs still free with pension credit - find out if you can claim. To get the job, the employer must be convinced you have the right amount of energy, and you're able to sustain it.

Do this: Show enthusiasm for the position.

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If you've recently run a marathon, completed a cycling race or climbed mountains, drop it into a conversation. But don't worry if you haven't. It's the projection of energy and perception of health that matters.

To All Baby Boomers – Your Cyber Security is still in your Hand

This ties in with the question of energy, because everyone knows that health issues can complicate life in middle age. Do you look healthy? Your husband, wife, partner or friend may not offer honest comments about your appearance. If you're unemployed, they know you're feeling low about your situation and they'll try to build you up. But what do you think? You have to sell yourself. In order to be effective you must project confidence. Does your appearance say you're not looking after yourself?

You might need to seek advice. But keep in mind that, under the Equality Act , employers can't discriminate on health and disability grounds, and they cannot ask questions about your health prior to the job offer. Even so, you need to first be honest with yourself and then, later, be prepared to be truthful with a potential employer about your general health. Do this: Investing in your health and appearance will demonstrate a positive attitude, which will always count in your favour.

Therefore, a recruiter may assume you aren't as motivated or driven as someone younger because, for you, money is not an issue. Ironically, you may need the money more than a younger candidate. The mortgage still has to be paid, there's university for the kids, and there may be the cost of caring for a parent. Countering this prejudice is tricky.

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  4. Being too needy is always negative, yet appearing to be the opposite can also cost you an opportunity. Mention reasons why you're the best candidate: focus on personal fulfilment, a desire for new challenges and experiences, and your motivation for success, which can include financial rewards. Do this: If you sense that this elephant is working against you, see if you can have a quiet word with the most senior person at the interview, or by private communication.

    Sometimes they will take a kinder view if they know your situation. The Anglo-American psychologist Raymond Cattell developed a theory that, broadly, there are two types of intelligence: fluid and crystallised. They are correlated, in that one does not exist without the other. Fluid intelligence is the capacity to think independently of acquired knowledge to apply logic to problem-solving.

    Overs' MoneySaving: Tips incl discounts, freebies & pensions - MSE

    It includes inductive and deductive reasoning. There is evidence that, as we age, our fluid intelligence wanes. On this basis young people tend to perceive those who are older as slower, and therefore less mentally agile. Crystallised intelligence is knowledge gained by experience, and includes verbal skills, general information and the ability to create analogies — it adds up to wisdom.

    For example, negotiating skills depend more on crystallised intelligence. Evidence shows that crystallised intelligence increases with age, remains stable, and doesn't begin to diminish until after the age of This effect varies greatly, with many people maintaining their crystallised intelligence to an advanced age.